Safety management system

TeamAssurance helps you mitigate risk, improve training and run a safe, transparent, and accountable operation for all employees

Your organization and employees’ safety depends on the standardization and coordination of activities, frontline understanding and risk identification, and the speed with which leaders take corrective action. TeamAssurance’s safety management system helps digitize paper-based processes and connect siloed systems to increase uniformity and transparency and improve training and reporting, allowing for faster alerts and actions.

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It’s always training season

Our safety management system digitizes your paper mountain of safety manuals, procedures, and instructions and facilitates digital delivery as needed in context. You can also create a matrix linking people and skills to identify training gaps and opportunities for every employee.


See something, say something

Improving and maintaining workplace safety isn’t just about training. It also relies on ownership and accountability, cross-tier engagement, and two-way communication. Our incident reporting system empowers frontline workers to escalate matters right up the chain, while leaders can more readily provide comment and direction.

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Better safe than sorry

A proactive, transparent, and collaborative approach to risk is tantamount to workplace safety. Prioritizing safety activity management such as audits, inspections, maintenance, hazards, and tasks across all sites, levels, and teams increases visibility of risks and ensures compliance requirements are met in real time.

See how to keep safety top of mind in your daily management system

Collective brilliance in action


LTI (Lost Time
Injury) 2 years
and counting


reduction in injuries


increase in
proactive reporting
of hazards

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Real-time safety dashboards

Keep safety front of mind in every setting, whether standalone or embedded in daily management boards

Leading KPIs

Focus every employee at every level on the proactive activities that keep everyone safe

Standard operating procedures

Ensure your procedures are a tool for continuous improvement, not a barrier to it

Fast, easy tablet & app access

Witness higher levels of engagement and proactive task management at the frontline

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