The Platform

TeamAssurance is a cloud-based platform that connects your leaders with your frontline, aligns actions with objectives, and increases transparency from top to bottom and back again

TeamAssurance is a cloud-based platform that uncovers the true potential of your business.

By connecting your leaders with your frontline, promoting information sharing, collaboration, and continuous improvement and elevating your standardized framework for managing safety, quality, cost, and people, TeamAssurance closes the loop between strategy and execution and increases transparency, engagement, and job satisfaction across the board.

One platform, countless improvements


Stop, collaborate, and listen

Tiered meetings are the foundation of our daily management system and a powerful force for continuous improvement. These are structured, two-way communications forums in which leaders can educate, recognize, coach,and focus workers, and employees may in turn express thoughts, voice ideas, and provide opinions.


Stronger visuals, stronger performance

Our visual management boards can be used in infinite ways. Often employed to run agendas in tiered meetings, they’re also perfect for visualizing data and distributing information to individuals, departments, and teams – automatically and in real time.


Clear and present maintenance

TeamAssurance provides a single view of everything related to an asset: breakdowns, preventative maintenance, autonomous maintenance. Unlike traditional CMMS platforms, which are only visible to those in maintenance, we enable data and information to flow to where it’s needed automatically and in real time. This transparency allows for a lowest cost, highest reliability asset care model.

Train one, boost all

Create a culture of continuous learning and step-changes and keep track of each employee’s training and development progress with our skills matrix. Get a quick view of any employee’s compliance and training gaps or access a detailed and auditable training history of your organization. It’s also a great retention tool, allowing you to show employees you have a constructive plan for their energies and talents.


Theirs to solve

Empowered workers are happy workers and instilling your employees at all levels with the confidence and autonomy to solve problems boosts engagement and job satisfaction. TeamAssurance helps you provide the structure for teams to harness their diverse range of knowledge and experience and for individuals to contribute more using their core strengths and talents.

Where TeamAssurance can uncover your potential

Continuous improvement

Add a 'continuous improvement specialist' to every role in the business, at every level

Strategy and execution

Keep every employee focused on the big, strategic business goals to ensure you get there faster

Daily management

Solve problems out loud to accelerate completion of tasks and enable shared, real-time learning


Reduce risk and save lives through deep, honest, supported, and guided problem solving


Build quality into the process by bringing employees’ rich experience and knowledge to the fore

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