Daily management system​

The TeamAssurance daily management system helps you harness the collective expertise and experience of your entire workforce

connected worker platform
connected worker platform

Inside every organization there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience waiting to be utilized. Yet it’s sometimes trapped in siloed systems or frontline teams without regular access. Our daily management system helps you harness the untapped collective brilliance of your workforce, with flow-on benefits for all. Work is more rewarding for employees empowered to exercise their expertise and the business is boosted by more efficient approaches to problem solving and innovation.


Place workers at the center

Empower your workers with greater access to information, self-sufficiency, and accountability and by showing them in real time how they directly contribute to the overall needs of the business. Build focus with structured communications forums that invite and encourage every employee to express opinions and ideas and feedback loops that further reduce the barriers to contribution.


Best practice makes perfect

Implement a best practice framework or digitise your own ideal approach with organization-specific templates and processes. TeamAssurance provides a single, transparent source of truth for your operations—allowing you to track, scale, and accelerate what works, while structured communication forums and configurable tier board design ensures this information flows quickly and seamlessly throughout the organization.


Power to the people

Businesses work better with collaboration and information flow at their core. Problems are picked up, solved, and interrogated faster; best practices are shared and adopted more readily, and more opportunities for innovation are identified. Open, admin-free communication and reporting between sites, teams, and tiers connects stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and management by email. 

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daily management system

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Empower your team with the tools they need

Tiered meetings

Allow all employees a three-dimensional view - business, function, and team performance

Tablet and app access

Break the one-minute barrier for busy employees to engage and directly contribute

Real-time reporting

Execute and forget, knowing the information has flowed to where it’s needed


Standardize the way you run your business - adjust and continually improve at scale

real success

"Shifting from reactive to proactive management in large and complex sites is never easy. TeamAssurance has allowed all functions to work together seamlessly to ensure both day to day activity management is delivered alongside our critical and ongoing project and improvement work."

– Supply Chain Director

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