Strategic planning and execution

TeamAssurance connects your leaders with your frontline, directly aligning each employees’ actions with your organisation’s top-line strategy

Making strategy meaningful to frontline workers is a challenge for organisations across the globe. TeamAssurance’s strategic planning software connects your top-line with your frontline in real time, with a standardised framework that directly aligns actions with objectives, provides clear insights, defines processes, and specifies channels to report, escalate, and close the loop.

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A new, improved norm

Easily map out clear directions to align your top-line with your frontline. TeamAssurance’s strategic planning software assists with setting company goals and cascading them to functional goals, ensuring that step change improvement becomes business as usual.


No more missing links

Ensure your vision connects to execution with strategic planning software that links strategy to BAU programs and projects. Nothing is missed when tasks and improvements are delivered via our daily management system.

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Wait not, want not

Give every employee a clear line of sight to their key objectives and how their work directly contributes to the needs of the business. Real-time visibility enables timely communication, as well as refocusing and refinement of your core business objectives when it matters.

See how to execute strategy via your
daily management system

Collective brilliance in action


Lost Time Injuries – 2 years and


Supplier defects resolved 3x


reduction in stock obsolescence

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Empower your team with the tools they need

Daily management system

Enable employees to deliver the important alongside the urgent

Program and project management dashboards

Manage risks and opportunities with a real-time view of key metrics

Real-time reporting

Slash admin times with automatic reporting

PCDA framework

Build in small, frequent course corrections to reduce risk and accelerate progress

real success

"TeamAssurance has enabled us to deliver double our Lean initiative target while complementing daily operations through clarity of activity and best practice. Engagement of the factory team has grown to new levels and tasks are completed much faster with more visibility."

– General Manager, Operations
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