A3 Report template with Calendar view

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We love seeing teams deliver projects faster and realize improvements sooner with real-time A3 Reports. We also enjoy seeing frontline employees proactively use A3 Reports for their own improvement projects. So when several customers mentioned similar feedback about the A3 Report template, we had to listen.

Most people are familiar with project deliverables represented as milestones on a calendar. They find this visual representation easier to process than a list of dates. It’s also useful in stakeholder meetings, or when the project team are discussing deliverables at a high level. That’s because a more visual representation is better at communicating status when viewed at a distance (such as projected onto a wall). That’s why we’re introducing Calendar View.

Activities can be displayed in a List View or Calendar View. Users can switch from one view to the other by using the toggle. Calendar View shows the Due Date (or Completed Date) as a Status bar, and the Assignee for each Activity is indicated by a photo. Whether you want the detail, or a snapshot view of project tasks, TeamAssurance has your back.

The A3 Report is Part of a Greater C.I. Framework, Not an isolated ‘island’.

The A3 is a foundational tool, in an ideal daily management process. It will support the alignment of people with their goals (departmental and organisational) every day. Furthermore, it focuses efforts and conversations on the issues at hand. However, utilising A3 reports should by no means be a ‘set and forget’ approach. Nor should the A3 be created in isolation. Standardised problem solving techniques, documentation, and a Tiered Daily Management process supporting the entire PDCA loop are also key to getting the most out of the A3.

The illustration below shows how we designed TeamAssurance as an interconnected platform to avoid disconnected ‘Point Solutions’ (digital or analog) that can lead to sub-optimal performance of your continuous improvement efforts.

TeamAssurance Connected Systems Chart

TeamAssurance supports your Daily Management System to boost productivity and drive continuous improvement. If you’re a business in need (or a consultant with clients in need) and you’d like to discuss the opportunities that digital-aids to Lean tools provide contact us for a demonstration.

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