US Partners: CSI Consulting

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A chance encounter has led to our first partnership in North America. I came across a webinar that the team at CSI Consulting had posted on LinkedIn. I saw that their philosophies aligned with TeamAssurance, so I reached out. In our early conversations I learned about their deep experience implementing lean systems for entire businesses. Which is exactly what our cloud platform underpins and supports. Tick. What I didn’t know was that we already had a mutual customer in Melbourne, Australia! That’s a needle in a haystack find, considering we are pretty much on opposite sides of the planet.

Years earlier, Patrick had been flying to Australia on a regular basis to implement and embed a Lean system for a local manufacturing site. That system is still going strong years later. In fact, the reason this customer started with TeamAssurance was to elevate and amplify the system that the CSI team had introduced. So before I met the CSI team, I had already seen the benefits of what a partnership with them could offer. It seemed only natural that we partner with them in the North American market.

We’re already collaborating, and below is a webinar I recently guested on. You’ll get an understanding of how passionate and approachable Rich and Patrick are. I encourage you to reach out for a conversation with them – just like I did.

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